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Pokémon Sage is a fangame originally developed by members of the 4chan board /vp/. It has since moved development offsite, which is ongoing. Notably, nearly every decision made in the game's development is voted upon by community members.


The Legendary Pokemon Quetzar

Pokémon Sage takes place in the Urobos region, a region based on Central and South America. Long ago, a Pokémon named Quetzar was worshiped throughout the land for its powers to bring inspiration. These Powers brought many advancements and prosperity to the ancients, especially in the City of Gold, but after some time the ancients started taking Quetzar's powers for granted to the point of sloth. The ancients began to absentmindedly abuse nature. The ruler of the City began to abuse this power and started rapidly expanding the City into a great empire. He was about to expand his empire into the peaceful "nature-respecting" peoples' territory, but Quetzar had enough, it unleashed its wrath and reduced the City to ruins. Before Quetzar could destroy any more of the region, the Nature Spirits begged it to stop. Despite everything that humans had done, they still cared for them. They pitied them for how quickly they fell for their desires, but still felt they could be saved. Quetzar begrudgingly agreed. It put a seal on the city, making it so that no one can find it. The barrier can only be unlocked by the spirits when humans prove they can grow alongside nature.

Now, a man named Northington is obsessed with this myth, and sets off to awaken it at any cost-but it was the arrogance and greed of people like him that made Quetzar seal the legendary City of Gold in the first place. He eventually manages to reawaken it, but it's furious to see that mankind has not learned its lesson and unleashes its wrath.


Pokémon Sage consists of over 200 Fakemon, most of which are based on South and Central American animals and mythology.