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Pokémon Red DX (Deluxe) is a rom-hack of Pokemon Red for the Gameboy by TheScarletSword. It is an updated version of the Generation 1 games.


Pokémon Red DX adds many features from modern Pokémon games to Generation 1, and even lets you use different sprite sets (Generation 1 and 2 styles). It also adds full color, making it resemble a Gameboy Color game.


The game includes 254 Pokémon from generations 1-6.


  • Eevee's later canon forms are obtainable by using either Moon/Sun Stone (Umbreon/Espeon), leveling up in some locations (like leveling up Eevee in Viridian forest for Leafeon) or using a trade stone (Sylveon)
  • There are trade stones in this game to evolve Pokémon who originally evolved via trading, but you can also evolve your Pokémon by trading with other player


  • Playing the game on VBA or TGB-Dual will sometimes cause the white screen to occur. This can be "fixed" by pushing the B button, however, you can't view Pokémon locations, stats, or the naming screen.