Pokemon Polished Crystal is a hack of Pokemon Crystal by Rangi.


The game is meant to be an improved version of Pokemon Crystal. It adds gen 4 evolutions, reusable TMs, the Fairy-type, and other ease of life features from more modern Pokemon games. It also has a Nuzlocke mode option which can be turned on or off at any time.



  • All pokemon have unique overworld sprites
  • Leafeon evolves from Eevee in the Ilex forest, while Glaceon in Ice Path, Sylveon evolves from Eevee via a shiny stone
  • Routes 47 & 48 are added, with there own 8 bit music of versions from HG/SS
  • Trade evolution pokemon evolve using special level up methods
  • Lyra the protagonist from HG/SS appears as the friendly rival, her pokemon is the player's weaker type pokemon
    • In addition player can play as Kris too in this game
  • Chuck's wife doesn't give you the HM Fly after you beat him, instead you must beat the Falkner's father in yellow forest to get it
    • A Thunder stone can be found in Yellow Forest
    • Yellow appears in this game with her female Pikachu

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