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Pokémon Dark Rising is a series of rom-hacks of Firered by DarkRisingGirl.


Dark Rising I

The story starts with a Pokémon appearing before the player in a dream choosing you to save not only the Pokémon, but the world itself. You find out that your best friend, Pete, had the same dream, and the professor informs you that disasters and climate changes are occurring all over the Core Region. It's up to you to find out what's going on while encountering many powerful Pokémon along the way.

Dark Rising II

The sequel bring you to the region of Omni Region to find out even more about the mysterious of the previous game.

Dark Rising III *Coming Soon*

The Game will tell the tale of Zyro and Zyree who are the son and daughter of Zygarde. Zyro has the power to decide life and death, while Zyree has the power to restore life and death. For the past 9 years, the world has been ruled by Hoopa, who has brought despair upon the world. As either Zyro or Zyree, your goal is to defeat Hoopa and return peace and order to the world.

Dark Rising Origins: Worlds Collide

In the Ferrum region, digital monsters known as Digimon have merged their data with the DNA of Pokémon. You, Ryu/Ryuko, will join a team called team Dark Rising to investigate this phenomenon.

Dark Rising: Order Destroyed

This is a prequel to Dark Rising III.


Dark Rising contains canon Pokémon from gens 1-6 (Dark Rising I only containing Pokémon from gens 1-5) and some Digimon as well.


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