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Pokémon Containment is a fan game created by lichenprincess, with help from devs Zygoat and Kalico. It was created for Relic Castle's Game Jam #7, and won the Judge's Choice award.


A narrative-focused game in the style of Pokémon Gold and Silver, with a setting heavily inspired by that of the SCP Foundation.


Pokémon Containment features various Pokémon from Gens 1-8, as well as special Anomalous Pokémon fought as bosses (three of which can be chosen between to obtain in the final mission.)


Pokémon Containment's gameplay consists mostly of boss battles, mostly fought against Anomalous Pokémon. (But some feature trainers as well.) The player's PC is stocked with many Level 100 rental Pokémon, but they can only take up to two on each out-going mission. The SCALD facilities also contain free move tutors, and the player's bag starts with a full set of TMs, so each team is near-completely customizable.


  • All the SCALD officials keep the professor tree theme by being named after varieties of cherry (Yoshino, Morello, and Kanzan).
  • Though not obvious, dialogue reveals the main setting of the game takes place off the shore of Sinnoh.