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Pokémon Christmas is a rom-hack of Pokémon Gold by Mateo. It's a Christmas-themed hack in which Johto is covered in snow.


Pokémon Christmas is a lot like Gold/Silver/Crystal but it takes place during the Winter. Some major events, such as The Radio Tower takeover and the Red Gyarados, are changed or removed to fit the Winter theme.


This hack contains Pokémon from gens 1-4, with some of the original Pokémon being replaced by newer ones.


  • Unlike Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, you have to let your Eevee touch the stones in order for it to evolve instead of leveling up in the area where the stone is located.
    • Moss rock is located in Ilex Forest, and Ice rock at the end of Ice path
  • Many or the Pokémon Gold missions are changed. For example, you have to save Delibirds instead of Slowpokes (the Slowpoke well is frozen solid).
  • The Pokémon dojo offers either an Omanyte or Kabuto as a reward
  • The woman who checks the happiness of your Pokémon is no longer in Goldenrod City
  • Bill gives the player an Eevee upon entering Goldenrod City.
  • Routes 47 and 48 are added, but their theme songs aren't the 8-bit versions of those from HeartGold/SoulSilver, the author however stated she wants to add them later
    • There are, however, no Pokémon there to capture
  • Most changed Pokémon have cries similar to the Pokémon they replaced (for example, the Ralts family has the cries of the Oddish family) except for Glaceon, whose cry is a slowed down version of Vaporeon's cry
  • In the elite four, Will is replaced by Lorelei (who has an Articuno in her team for unknown reasons), and Lance is replaced by the player's friendly rival