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Phoenix Rising is a fangame by Gav that is currently in development.


"In a war torn nation, you’ll take on your most important call -- to unite the Oracles against a force greater than the world has ever seen."

"For hundreds of years the Council of Oracles have maintained peace in Hawthorne. They established after a great war seen a revolution overthrow their tyrannical king. However there are many who believe the Oracles have become complacent and detached. Their integrity is challenged by a family led by a man who calls himself “King” claiming to have descended from Royal Blood -- the true heir to sovereignty. The Royal Family promises to unite Hawthorne and develop it into a powerful force among larger nations. Despite their oppressive distant past people are beginning to flock to the side of the Royal Family. It is time for the High Oracle Anastasia to reunite her Council and regain their grip of peace, or surrender to the pages of history opening once more."

In Phoenix Rising, the story is affected by the choices you make and will have multiple endings based on them.


Phoenix Rising will have canon Pokémon alongside some brand new mega evolutions for Pokémon, such as Arcanine and Lilligant, as well as some alternate forms called Relic Forms for Pokémon such as Roserade and Ledyba.


The game is currently in development. A demo was said to be released in 2017, but it has been delayed to early 2018. On May 5, 2018, an official release date for the first demo was announced. On May 25, 2018 at 1PM EST, the first demo was released. It contains the first episode: Beyond Home consisting of about 7-10 hours of game play. on June 11, 2018, the lead developer, Gav, officially announced that he would no longer be working on the game. Most of the original team have left the project, and a new team is currently being assembled and are working on the game; though, it's impossible to tell if or when episode 2 will be released as updates/news have been slow.

 *note: the game is compatible on Windows platforms only*



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